The device bioresonance therapy

The device bioresonance therapy
 Living organism - a source of weak electromagnetic oscillations. It is able to capture the signals of the different frequencies and to resonate in accordance with them. On this fact and based method bioresonance therapy.  
 Weak electromagnetic waves affect the structure of the body at different levels - the membrane, cellular, systemic. Correctly chosen in the form and frequency bioresonance influence reinforces healthy characteristic of physiological fluctuations and reduces pathological.

The first device bioresonance therapy has been established for the treatment of a person from all sorts of parasites. Many chronic diseases, fatigue, constant intoxication, headaches and depression often associated it with their presence. Bioresonance therapy is a safe and effective method of simultaneously getting rid of this problem.

The most effective use of these devices in allergic diseases, diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system. With their help, cropped pain syndromes, accelerates wound healing.

With the right mix of frequencies after the first session, patients feel much better. The course of treatment depends on the nature of the disease, the type of pathogen. Usually it is from a couple of weeks to a couple months.

All devices are divided into treatment bioresonant contact and contactless, depending on the principle of delivery of the carrier signal. Contact devices use electrodes through which current is passed at a high frequency, up to several kHz. Such frequencies are not penetrate inside, they spread over the skin surface, without reaching the parasites inside the body. Furthermore, the use of devices of this type has a large number of contraindications that limit their use.

In contactless devices bearing is an electromagnetic pulse, easily enter the body and the parasite in any of its place. They do not have such a long list of contraindications - not recommended sessions during pregnancy, epilepsy, seizures, in the presence of an implanted pacemaker.

Bioresonance therapy can be combined with medication, physiotherapy treatments. Before using the device should consult a physician.

Devices bioresonance therapy should be kept away from electromagnetic emitters - TV, computer, microwave, mobile phones and protect from direct sunlight.

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