Medicine under the watermelon rind

Medicine under the watermelon rind
 Watermelon - an amazing fruit, whose value is determined not only tasty and juicy flesh, but the useful properties of seeds and peel. Watermelon appear in the second half of the summer, and since August, they can enjoy a vengeance.

Medicinal properties of watermelon are known for a long time, when the fruit was used as a very effective diuretic. He copes with swelling caused by kidney disease, or cardiovascular system. Watermelon juice not only displays the excess fluid from the body, but also enriches it easily digestible sugars. Watermelon pulp fiber beneficial effects on the intestine, and is also able to remove excess cholesterol.

The daily rate of consumption of watermelon is about 2-3 pounds. In the hot season watermelons an excellent job with thirst. Well-proven watermelon juice in the treatment of urolithiasis. The fact that under the influence of substances contained in watermelon, alkalinity urine increases due to this salt are dissolved and eliminated from the body. Medicinal properties of watermelon with the disease should be used regularly, eating small amounts of food, but in the same period of time, even at night.

Watermelon should necessarily included in the diet of patients with gout, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis. Eating watermelon pulp beneficial influences in diseases of the cardiovascular system, even with hypertension, kidney disease, solves many of the problems associated with the intestines, displays the body of toxic substances.

Few people know that the juice of white flesh, located just below the crust of watermelon has more pronounced diuretic than juice pink flesh. To improve the taste, you can mix it with apple juice. However, it is not recommended to drink more than half a glass a day, as this juice is a very powerful tool.

Fasting days on the basis of watermelon are good not only in the treatment of many diseases, but also as an excellent alternative to the newfangled diets. To improve the appearance, health and reduce excess weight quite 1-2 times a week to arrange a "watermelon" days. Divide about two pounds of watermelon flesh on five receptions, and eat it throughout the day.

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