Hunger - the best healer

Hunger - the best healer
 Often people do not think about the consequences of malnutrition, stress, exposure to nicotine, alcohol and other harmful factors. Gradually, they lead to the accumulation of toxins, toxins and other toxic substances that cause malaise, fatigue, irritation and many diseases. But to return to the body's ability to self-clean and recover useful 1 once a week to arrange a 24-hour fasting.  
 Short-term fasting is useful not only for the prevention of many diseases, but also to treat them. Gradually, the body is rebuilt on the self-cleaning and self-healing, increases immunity, normal metabolism. But to achieve such a result can only be a regular abstinence from food, ie, 1 times a week, and it is desirable that it was the same day.

Medicinal properties of starvation due to the reallocation of energy costs. Firstly, at the time of fasting the body is not lacking in it, because begins to process the buffer stocks proteins. And this process begins with the cleavage modified tissue inflammation. Thus dissolve adhesions, sealing and various deposits in the organs. Secondly, due to savings on the digestive process energy, and this process consumes a lot, there is a restoration of weakened organs.

Regular fasting leads to purification of the body at the cellular level, as improved cellular metabolism when sodium, able to retain slag, is replaced by potassium. This complex process eventually ends with the restoration of metabolism.

To from starvation was exceptionally good, you must follow some rules of the meeting, even a brief exception of food contraindicated in some diseases, such as gastric ulcer and 12 tiperstnoj ulcer, gastritis with high acidity. For these cases fit fasting days, when using one type of product: any drink, fruit or vegetable.

On the fasting should drink plenty of water - up to 10-12 glasses a day, morning and evening to clean the tongue and take a shower, because the toxins are beginning to go through the mucous membranes and skin. Fasting should be precise - exactly 24 hours, and the output from starvation - reasonable. Allowed a light breakfast, vegetable food, green tea. Fat and meat dishes only 2-3 days.

To the sensation of hunger was less noticeable, it's better to get excited interesting occupation, or dive into the workflow. For this reason, it is not necessary to arrange fasting day.

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