How to protect yourself from the bite of a tick-borne Encephalitis

How to protect yourself from the bite of a tick-borne Encephalitis
 Summer is so nice to relax in nature. But a basket full of mushrooms and berries, night gatherings around the campfire and fishing on the lake in the woods can turn to you very unpleasant things. Seizures, dizziness, paralysis and death - all of which can cause a small blood-sucking insects.
 Tick-borne encephalitis - a viral infection. Man it is transmitted during the bite of ticks. Despite the diversity of these insects, the real danger is only two types: the taiga forest and European mite. A peak of activity in May-June and August-September.

The disease is much easier to prevent than to treat. If you plan to spend the summer in the campaigns and raids for mushrooms, no harm will be vaccinated against encephalitis. It is made two months before the occurrence of the risk of infection. If you are late with vaccination during the campaign for the prevention of drug take "Jodantipyrin." This is a powerful immune stimulant. In the case of a tick bite should be drinking three tablets, three times a day for the prevention - one tablet three times a day. Before you buy a medication, be sure to consult your doctor.

Going into the woods, watch your wardrobe. You should be clothes with long sleeves, closed shoes, which can be charged with pants (if the model is not provided, tuck pants into socks). At the head wear a cap or bandana, under which carefully remove the hair on your neck tie up a scarf or shawl. Treat exposed areas of the skin, clothing and all equipment special repellent against ticks.

If you still bitten by a tick, carefully remove it. To do this, you can lubricate the skin with sunflower oil or throw a loop thread on the abdomen of an insect and twisting movements to take it out. In no case do not dispose of the tick and go with him to the hospital. Doctors examine insect and establish whether it was a carrier of encephalitis.

The incubation period of the disease lasts one to two weeks, after which the victim sharp temperature rises, there is nausea, vomiting, sleep disturbance. If you or your companions feel unwell, go to the hospital. It is desirable that it was a restaurant in a major city, where there is the infectious department. That's where you can get the proper treatment.

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