How to increase metabolism

How to increase metabolism
 Metabolism (metabolism) - a chemical reaction type, constantly occurring in the body to maintain optimal vital processes. Thanks to them, the body has the ability to maintain its structure, to multiply and grow, interact with the environment.
 In metabolic processes using two stages: catabolism and anabolism. The first stage is the process of decomposition of complex substances with the loss of its specificity into simpler. The second - the formation of simple substances, regularly enters the cell, carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Among them are the new cell's own tissue. Human health and each of its body, slim figure depends on the type of metabolism.

Acceleration or deceleration of the process of metabolism is primarily influenced by the quality, quantity and frequency eaten. In the metabolic processes involved the entire body. When the gastrointestinal tract is full - the entire digestive system works with overdrive. Metabolism slows down, and a person gains weight.

During the day food take at least five times. It is necessary to eat fractional portions. Admitted to burning the body of nutrients consumed ten percent of calories. Breakfasts accelerate metabolism. Increase in the daily diet of protein by 20% from carbohydrates increases calorie burning by 5%.

Any physical activity stimulates the burning of fat. Special exercises are not necessary, fit any movement. Muscle tissue burns energy 25 times greater than fat, so it is necessary to increase muscle mass.

Massage, especially honey, improves blood supply to tissues, restores muscle tone, increases metabolism. Bath spurs of any type, several times faster metabolism and at the same time then removes toxins.

Water is the basis of metabolism. It promotes involvement in the metabolism of fat. The disadvantage is largely
slows metabolism.

Hot tub with juniper oil accelerate metabolism, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and accelerate metabolism and sweating, do not take such a bath dolshe10 minutes.

Sunlight activates and stabilizes the body's defenses, uplifting. Sunlight accelerates metabolism, synthesized vitamin D. Fresh air oxygen promotes the accelerated burning of fat. It is therefore recommended to spend more time outdoors.

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