How to choose a nail vitamins

How to choose a nail vitamins
 Correct tender care and concern for the nails is just as important as a balanced diet. Nail plate is subjected to frequent exposure to water, temperature changes, UV drying and other equally harmful factors.

Nails need vitamins, especially in the spring. Select vitamins help polish manicure or doctor.

On fingernails affect factors such as diet, especially with a minimum amount of fat. If the nail plate looks ugly, stratified, devoid of the typical healthy shine, and hands want to hide away from the eyes of colleagues, it's time to be included in the diet of fish, rich in phosphorus, and foods high in calcium - cheese. Also recommended for consumption marmalade and jellied meat or fish.

For beautiful and healthy nails are very important products such as berries, fruits and herbs. Like marigolds and vitamin A in large quantities in the liver of marine fish and beef liver, butter. This vitamin strengthens and promotes the growth of nails.

Contained in brewer's yeast and beans sprouted wheat vitamin B, by assimilation of protein also helps nails grow.

As a part of many vegetables can be found very useful trace elements - silicon, which is responsible for hardness, elasticity and beauty nail. Apple will give iron, an important element for maintaining the structure of the nail plate and maintain its shape.

Sera that the body extracts from cabbage, cucumbers and onions (excellent salad!), Slow any inflammatory processes.

Iodine is contained in large quantities in seaweed and green spinach, with incredible force causes nails to grow.

It is not enough simply select vitamins for nails, you also need to take selected complex daily for 3 months, adding to external care, bath, massage, cuticle and nutrition natural ingredients.

In winter, you can not ignore the protective creams, in summer as little as possible exposed to radiation from the sun. Love your nails, and they'll tell you a healthy glow and natural color.

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