How to calm down after the stress

How to calm down after the stress
 Stress is a constant companion of modern man. Sometimes it protects against aggression, stimulates the body to the active actions, but more often undermines health. Therefore, it is important to be able to competently relieve stress.  
 Methods of dealing with nervous tension depends on its cause. Did you just physically overworked. In this case, all that is needed - deep sleep and complete rest. If the stress caused by long sitting at your desk, try to remedy the lack of movement: walk, turn on the music and dance to the soul.

Emotional stress can be removed, relaxed internally. Try to escape from the gloomy thoughts: Focus on your breathing, imagining that you are breathing in clean, bright, positive, and exhale problems, painful emotions.

Take a bath with soothing herbs, wrapped in a warm blanket, drink a cup of sweet tea, sit in a chair, staring at the candle flame. Prigolubte cat povorkuyte with it. Read, look easy film - do what you enjoy, that adjusts to the positive.

Very well, if you can go out. Enjoy the trees, sky lights windows leaves under your feet - all wonderful minutiae of nature and life. Listen to the sounds: the children's laughter, noise, rain, snow sparkling creak underfoot. Immerse yourself in these feelings with all my heart, and you zadyshit much easier.

Do not turn in on themselves. Talk with your sweet heart people, pay attention to their problems, try to help - and you tell me that cares. Get rid of stress helps communication with children. Play with them, walk, run - and feel yourself a carefree child. If you have a baby, sing him a lullaby at night - unwanted feelings will go to them.

If emotions are going wild - vyplachtes pleasure, heart's content. Just do not overdo it: many tears can lead to depression. If you are sure that no one scare - yell. This, of course, an extreme method, it is not for the city walls, but outside the city, in the woods, you can try it.

When prolonged stress specialist visit: Psychologist, psychotherapist. He will give you expert advice to remove nervous tension.

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