How to be cleansed of toxins

How to be cleansed of toxins
 Poor food, poor environment, failure to comply with the principles of a healthy lifestyle lead to decreased immunity, slagging of the body. Periodic cleaning will help to organize the work of internal organs, improve the condition of the skin, get rid of excess weight.
 The easiest way to cleanse the body of toxins by means of starvation - you can start with one day and gradually increase the number of hours without food to several days. Fasting can be dry - then forbidden to drink even water. This method of cleaning the body is attractive for its effectiveness - per day from the body can get a lot of toxins. If you are just beginning to starve, try not to eat anything during the day - only drink pure water. A month later, try to starve for a day and if you feel good, then extend fasting to two days next time. Fasting can adversely affect your condition, if you have any chronic diseases - so before you start practicing, consult an expert.

Correct way out of starvation - do it gradually, observing all the recommendations. If you are starving for more than two days, you should especially pay attention to the size of the portions and quality of food. Begin to emerge from starvation diet, taking water with lemon, milk drinks, and then allow yourself to fresh vegetable salad. On the first day you can eat every two hours, but meager portions - one or two spoons. The next day add to your diet boiled meat, protein products, etc. It will be good if in the next few days you will follow a healthy diet - without the fat, sweet and savory dishes. Otherwise, all the toxins begin to accumulate immediately and poison the body.

Since the skin performs excretory function, then get rid of toxins by visiting the steam room. Under the influence of hot air you start actively sweat and the body being phased excess fluid, toxins and wastes. The effect is enhanced by using the procedure of brooms.

Colon Cleansing can get rid of recycled materials that can accumulate over the years there. Make an enema, colon hydrotherapy pass rate, clean the intestines using laxatives - any viable option to help you get rid of toxins, hazardous and toxic substances.

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