How do douching

How do douching
 Douching is a procedure in which the vagina and vulva woman washed with special solutions with disinfectant, contraceptive or therapeutic effect.
 Better to do it after consulting a gynecologist, because the removal of normal healthy vaginal flora can lead to overdrying mucous membranes, which in turn provokes the development and penetration of pathogens, which are the causes of diseases.

Healthy women without gynecological diseases and normal sexual life is not recommended to use syringing more than once in 7-10 days. In the presence of pathological processes is determined by the medical tactics and medical advice regarding the timing of the use of procedures and selection of drugs.

For the procedure, you must prepare in advance the necessary tools - or a rubber bulb syringe, cup Esmarch rubber hot water bottle or a combination, but for enemas and douches have to use individual tip (getting infections from the intestine into the vagina is dangerous for women's health at any age). From solutions of the normal state of health, you can use the infusion or decoction of chamomile, a weak solution of edible salt, but the use of a solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or alcoholic solutions, even divorced, has an adverse impact on the vaginal mucosa.

Pose for the procedure the woman usually chooses itself - you can squat over the toilet, douche standing, but it is better to lie down in the bath so that the legs are located on the edge of the bath, and the body was, respectively, below. You should never enter the tip (rubber or plastic) with effort, trying to overcome the resistance of the muscles - can damage the bladder or cause injury to the mucosa, which will have long-term cure.

The procedure itself involves filling douching fluid reservoir, removing from it the residual amount of air, and in this position the tip of the syringe inserted into the opening of the vagina. Then the vessel wall are squeezed, and the solution flows into the vaginal cavity.

Should not be used without a doctor douche for treating pregnant women, women who do not live sexual life, women in menopause - but especially the little girls of age.

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