Health Formula: three apples a day

Health Formula: three apples a day
 Control of excess weight is necessary for those who care about their health and appearance. British, known for its harmony nation traditionally included in your daily diet apple. American nutritionist Tammi Flynn has developed a new diet, which offers apple precede each dense meals and eat them at least three a day. This formula health has quite a scientific basis.

The choice fell on apples is no accident - it is one of the few fruits, in which high content of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Pectin, a soluble fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels, becoming in the process of digestion in the gel-like substance that prevents the rapid absorption of sugar into the blood. Therefore, apple, eaten on an empty stomach, neutralizes the appetite for a few hours.

Practical confirmation diet "Three apples" found when the 12 weeks of the trial suffered by patients who are overweight, 346 people lost weight for a total of 2400 kg, that is, on average, each dropped 7 pounds in 3 months. Experience has been repeatedly tested in clinics in the US, and the effect was always dramatic.

If you think that exactly reproduce it in Russian conditions fails, then it is not. The same apples that used Tammi Flynn - Washington State, sold in our supermarkets in the winter, because the American state - the world leader in the production of these fruits. Apples are subject to strict quality control, and for their safety and protection of the natural wax is used, a thin layer covering the surface.

However, our Russian apples grown in their own garden plot, can not be worse if the winter to keep them properly. To do this, the fruit is wrapped with paper, placed in boxes that stand in a cool dark place. This method allows to preserve their useful properties.

Three apples a day in combination with a light diet, can help a woman without much effort and stress to get rid of 0, 5 to 1 kg per week. At the same time she feels the pangs of hunger will not.

Their choice is motivated by the fact that the apple is convenient to take with you. Working woman is not difficult to throw it in the bag in the morning to eat before dinner. This "bite" will her main meal to eat a much smaller amount of food and still feel well-fed and contented life. And the knowledge that together with apples and lost excess weight can significantly improve the mood and self-esteem.

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