Fighting menopause

Fighting menopause
 Starting as early as 40 years, a woman's body may begin decrease in progesterone and estrogen - the hormone responsible for sexual function. This process is called early menopause. Menopause lasts for about 5-8 years and is reflected in the physical and mental condition. But we can compete with the early manifestations of women's autumn and try to delay the inevitable arrival of menopause.

Gynecologists claim that the reason for this are: genetic predisposition, a lot of stress, gynecological diseases, surgery, childbirth and complex endocrine disorders. In addition, all these causes are exacerbated by smoking, low immunity and bad environment.

The symptoms of menopause are the come abrupt change of heat and chills, heart palpitations, disturbances of blood pressure, poor sleep. At the same time there is increased hair loss, brittle nails, insomnia. Due to the reduction of the ovaries woman practically ceases to feel sexual desire and often irritable.

Is it possible to somehow improve their condition? Yes I Am. One of the most recommended ways called hormonal substitution therapy. It allows you to not only reduce the appearance of the classic symptoms of menopause, but also extend the fertility of the female body.

Those who do not trust the official medicine and the risks of taking hormonal drugs can turn to homeopathy. In this case, hormones combine with the reception of grass. Yet on the effects of homeopathic remedies little lose.

A lot depends on what kind of life is the woman herself. When menopause must adhere to a strict regime. Sports will be very useful. If you are not fond of active sports, you should not start doing it now. More suitable for you swimming, yoga, aerobics.

Should be excluded from the diet of sharp, salty and fatty foods. Especially if you're already up to menopause had problems with blood pressure. Remember that your body needs rest. So do not overwork and save time at the expense of a full sleep. Not more than would be taking a multivitamin preparations rich in calcium.

Although menopause occurs in all women, but in each case proceeds differently depending on the characteristics of the organism. Therefore, do not attempt to self-medicate, based on the experience of friends.

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