Eyes - a mirror of the soul and health

Eyes - a mirror of the soul and health
 Beautiful eyes with expressive eyes - this is what draws the attention of the interlocutor in the first place. Over the eyes can learn a lot about a person and not just the state of his soul, but also about how much he sleeps, eats, works with what intensity and what diseases suffered.  
 When communicating in the eyes of the interlocutor clearly reflects the authenticity of his intentions. If a person says one thing, but his eyes expressed distrust, anger or irony, you can be 100% sure that he thinks that express his eyes.

But not only true intentions can consider looking into his eyes. On the surface of the eyeball blood vessels are located. Any disease or adverse factors cause them to expand and redness. With a systematic red eyes need to change the mode of work and rest. Lack of sleep, poor diet, work in contaminated rooms, overvoltage - all this causes blood vessels to dilate.

If the power is sufficiently full, the work alternates with rest, but the redness of the eyeball persists, contact an ophthalmologist and undergo a medical examination on the basis of the results the doctor will prescribe medication that will help solve the problem. If serious diseases have been identified and redness caused by excessive fatigue as a treatment prescribed wetting or vasoconstrictor drops.

Conjunctivitis - a condition in which the eyes become red, watery, fester. As therapy using anti-inflammatory agents with antibacterial action. The drug is prescribed in the form of drops and tablets or injections.

Redness of the retina may be associated with serious diseases. Diabetes, glaucoma, elevated intraocular pressure or intracranial - this is what can lead to the expansion of the blood vessels on the surface of the eyeball. Treatment shall appoint an ophthalmologist, an internist and endocrinologist.

Myopia, myopathy, farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism, hyperopia - these diseases can cause blurred vision, it is not possible to focus the mind on the subject. Everything is seen in vague outline. All diseases are serious. Their early diagnosis helps to start early treatment and prevent further vision loss.

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