Eat in front of a computer? Soon get fat!

Eat in front of a computer? Soon get fat!
 According to statistics, most people spend on the computer from 4 to 8 hours a day, maybe more. It does not matter whether it is for work or for leisure, the fact remains that the computer adversely affects not only the vision and posture of man, but also on its weight.

Causes of obesity in humans, constantly sitting behind the monitor, lie not only in the absence of physical activity, but also in constant snacking. As usual, sitting at the computer, often want to eat, even if you recently had lunch or dinner. Usually in this case the person briefly detached from the monitor screen, run to the kitchen for a quick gaining there a plate of food and then melancholy it consumes. Everyone has a daily snack, but the most popular option - it's sweets (biscuits, chocolate, cakes, etc.), sausage sandwiches or harmful chips.

The catch is that the usual time at the computer flies, and people can have a snack in a few hours, typing with up to thousands of calories, and then another, and a hearty dinner, oblivious to the fact that they are, in general, , ate. If we add to this the lack of movement, it becomes clear why people still get fat when they eat at the computer - the body does not know what to do with excess amounts of carbohydrates and fats, and leaves them a "rainy day" in the form of extra pounds.

But this problem can be avoided or at least reduce it to a minimum. And not necessarily completely deny yourself the desire to chew on something on the computer, because without it the pleasure of relaxation is incomplete. There are plenty of options to replace the harmful and calorie snack on neutral product.

For example, yogurt is quite helps maintain weight, it is delicious, and in the summer of it is easy to make popsicles. For lovers there is the option of toast sandwiches with cheese and crackers. You can make yourself a hot oatmeal with honey and almonds and feast on it in between work at home, but you can eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and dried fruits, in general, a lot of variants. This balanced and healthy snack support the stomach and great impact on health. The main thing - remember that everything is good in moderation.

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