Citrus - gifts Eden

Citrus - gifts Eden
 There is a Russian fairy tale in which a dutiful son extracts for an aging father rejuvenating apples from the garden reserved. And the fruits of health and strength returned to his father. But few people know that the most rejuvenating apples is nothing else like citrus. Due to its unique properties, they deserve the glory of fruit with property returns youth and health.
 And where, in fact, took the floor denote the class of these fruits? Its origins date back to the days of ancient Greece. Greeks say, did not know any other means of combating moths except unfolding in their homes fragrant flower, called "peel". Acquainted with fragrant fruits, previously unknown to them, just as the Greeks called them "cedros." The Romans also transformed "cedros" in "Citrus".

Whence came to Greece citrus? Tsitrusovedy sure that from Asia. And it happened at a time when committed his campaigns of Alexander the Great. Home to find the same citrus South and Southeast Asia.

Why is it called citrus gifts Garden of Eden? In many legends, they appear as the fruit of secret gardens. This rejuvenating apples from Russian fairy tales, and the golden apples from the gardens of the Hesperides, who had to earn Hercules commits eleventh feat. By the way, even the Russian "orange" comes from the German "Apfelsine", which means "Chinese apple." Why that same apple that Eve Adam regaled not be, say, a lemon?

What earned this honor citrus? Of course, this divine taste and magnificent aroma. Not only. Vitamin C, contained abundant in citrus fruits, is an antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals. Without this vitamin can not form the protein collagen, and bioflavonoids care about the health of the smallest capillaries. Pectins, which is rich in delicious flesh of most citrus fruits, can prevent cancer, removes toxins and cholesterol. To protect yourself from cancer, scientists believe, man enough to just one orange a day.

By the way, asking questions about the benefits of citrus, most people believe that the most useful is a lemon. But scientists are convinced that this is not entirely true. From their perspective can bring great benefit to the body orange. That it contains the maximum amount of nutrients. Lemon their already much smaller.

Particularly noteworthy is the fragrance of citrus. Already the ancients believed that the scent of lemon oil cheers the spirit and able to banish evil. Modern scientists have concluded that citrus flavor relieves tension, improves performance, increases the goodwill helps to eliminate information.

As you can see, the glory of the heavenly citrus fruit well deserved. So, eat oranges, tangerines and a snack they drink tea with a slice of lemon. And be cheerful, young and healthy.

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