Choose fresh tea

Choose fresh tea
 This extraordinary drink drunk with pleasure in many countries around the world. His value as a kind of taste, and the variety of species. The largest supplier of tea is China, but many countries have successfully compete with him, and now in stores you can find tea, made in India, Sri Lanka, Georgia, South Africa and other countries. But the main problem for the consumer is not in the selection of varieties, and to find fresh tea.

In mid-February start collecting fresh Chinese tea. For residents in high places is the celebration of the coming spring, as the New Year is celebrated in China since the end of January to mid-February. It is interesting that at a time when we are cold, somewhere far away, in the East, the Chinese workers had already disrupted the first tea buds. So the starting point in determining the freshness of the tea will be the date of production.

To distinguish from the fresh tea last year, not necessarily to finish a special school Taster. Fresh leaf tea contains many colored substances or pigments which vary during processing, thereby influencing the color of the final product. Because tea processing proceeds differently each grade acquires its own color and taste. Leaflets old crop for the year strongly fade and lose their color saturation, so that the comparison is immediately obvious what sort of young.

Experts advise to start buying some tea on trial. Even if you buy it from reliable vendors, we should remember that every year the same sort of reveals his taste slightly different, because the quality of the harvest depends on many factors. Specifying the date of production, and make a beautiful, full color tea leaves, buy a little on the sample and appreciate the taste of the drink, brew it at home.

Russian citizens in everyday life drink, as a rule, Ceylon and Indian teas, but despite this, the fresh tea leaves in our area is extremely difficult to meet. Two-Indian Darjeeling tea for our stores - extraordinary curiosity. Gourmets from England and France for several years, Indian tea growers offer delivery of tea "on air", but those yet continue to ignore the suggestions. Russian tea connoisseurs as yet "not mature enough" to such proposals for the supply of the magnificent Indian tea.

Be that as it may, the new tea season always brings new discoveries, familiarity with unusual varieties and the reason for afternoon tea.

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