Benefits and harms of Pirsig

Benefits and harms of Pirsig
 In the last ten years, young people (and not only them) extremely enthusiastic piercing various parts of the face and body. Wearing a variety of earrings, "studs" and other clever decorations. This phenomenon - the piercing. He turned out to be obedient to all body parts from the ears and nose, to the most intimate places. But is absolutely safe piercing fad?

Harmful if piercing? First of all, this question excites those parents whose offspring have already "sparkle" rings and bells here and there. If it is running homebrew "experts" in the basement or in violation of all sanitary rules, the answer is clear: the piercing is harmful. Even in clinics and salons certified it can lead to complications.

If your ears pierced, then do it better after ten years, otherwise you can seriously damage your eyes. Pierced ears often performed at the point in charge of the eye. But here in the ears wearing silver kills bacteria and improves the condition of people with allergies.

If a girl wants to be a mom in the future, and the mother in the full sense of the word, then it is best to avoid piercing the nipple and navel, as it may affect the breast, the course of pregnancy and childbirth.

Tongue piercing - the procedure is extremely painful. After her tongue swells up for a few days, and people almost can not speak. Immediately after such piercing should not drink alcohol and eat hot, sour and cold food. Among other things, with several piercing dies tongue taste receptors so that by this procedure too is best avoided.

Most often, those who make themselves piercing various parts of the body, they say that they want it to emphasize their individuality. And if you dig a little deeper you find that passion for piercings - nothing but her loss. After all this torture, the result of which has not always fascinates go mainly for the sake of imitation "stars" who have made piercing his "trademark".

Following the example of pop and rock idols, young people and begin to actually believe that piercing - "cool distinctive sign" stand out from the crowd. But in reality, it turns out that this difference only classifies mods to "stage" the fans and, to put it mildly, is not reasonable followers of the latest trends.

Eventually, "coolness" does not depend on "bloat" in appearance, and perhaps the other. Important stakeholders of their personality, not the number of earrings on the body.

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