What is scrapbooking

What is scrapbooking
 Are you tired of photo albums on social networks with hundreds of photos of the same? You do not like soulless plastic envelope with a photo and a mediocre cover? You are a creative person? Then scrapbooking - this is exactly what you need.

The term "scrapbooking" is derived from the English word scrap - «tenderloin" and book - «Book". Scrapbooking is called the art of home design photo albums.

Surprisingly? history of scrapbooking has more than five hundred years. Back in those days there was a tradition to collect all the memorable records, letters, clippings and paste them in the regular books. Later came the fashion for women albums - they are often referred to, for example, in the works of Russian classics. Ladies asked acquaintances or friends left in this album an entry, and between pages stored notes, dried flowers and other things dear to the heart.

However, all these early manifestations of modern scrapbooking had one major difference - they did not have a specific theme and were scattered many details.

Scrapbooking - the perfect hobby for those who like to do something with their hands and nourishes the tendency to sentimentality. Of several pictures can be assembled album of great beauty, which will be admired by all who will come to visit you.

In scrapbooking, there are several basic styles - vintage, eritrazh, American, European, free. Each of these styles has its own idiosyncrasies.

Vintage, for example - is a style artificially aged stuff. It uses elements such as old photographs (or modern but stylized antique), aged elements, cards and decorations typical of bygone days.

American style - a style that uses a large number of different elements. As a rule, it is different bright colors and balanced, despite the abundance of details. This style is a classic for the modern scrapbooking.

There are a lot of special tools and materials for scrapbooking, but some masters prefer to work exclusively with the materials at hand. Unnecessary beads, ribbons, coins, ribbons, scraps of old newspapers, beautiful paper, crystals, shells, elements of pins and jewelry - all can become material for the album artwork.

Purchase as special materials and tools as possible in art supply stores and over the Internet. There are special blanks for photo albums and postcards, which at times make it easier to work.

On the Internet you can find a huge number of workshops that will help to learn to work in different techniques. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, you can make such lovely gifts not only for themselves but also for friends and relatives, and later it can turn even a way to earn money, because things made with their own hands, are very much appreciated.

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