Useful things in a woman's purse

Useful things in a woman's purse
 With a variety of things you can find in them, handbags have long been the subject of many different jokes. But, of course, there are some things that can actually be useful in different situations.  

One of the most useful items in her purse is a purse. Not so important, it will be a miniature or volume, the main thing - that it is possible to store money, bank cards and a variety of business cards. If necessary, so that they do not lose, you can put him in the ring or earrings.

It is desirable to have with each other and a minimum set of medicines. So, for example, is always handy to have any pain pills. In addition, it is necessary to carry in a handbag and a band-aid, because of blisters when wearing shoes and accidental damage to the skin no one is immune.

Do not forget about personal care products. The list of compulsory subjects which are in the bag, must be at least one daily and one regular liner in individual packages that help always feel clean and protect yourself from unexpected surprises of the menstrual cycle.

Among the most useful things in the women's handbag may also include dry and wet disposable cloths, with which you can not just wipe your hands when there is no place nearby to wash them, but gently touch up makeup.

Do not interfere in her purse a small mirror, comb, as well as gum or barrette. There will also be the way nail file and a miniature bottle of toilet water or perfume. With regard to the required set of cosmetics, which should carry with them in it, regardless of the season must be logged compact powder, lipstick or colorless lip balm and mascara. Of need you can take with compact 1-2 colored shadows.

It is necessary to have and notebook or notepad and pen. The need to burn anything can occur at any time, and these things will always let you carry to record important phone number, appointment or a list of what needs to be bought. Depending on the profession, hobbies and style of dress this list may be supplemented, and other things.

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