"The Help" - touching drama

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 In 2012, the Hollywood film critics predicted at various competitions winning a touching drama directed by Kathryn Stockett's bestseller. The film "The Help", which tells about the hard life of blacks in America of the mid-twentieth century, quickly became a favorite of the audience award.
 After the debut novel by Kathryn Stockett has sold five million copies, it became clear that the film adaptation on it can not be avoided. In 2009, directed by Chris Columbus, famous trilogy "Home Alone", announced that it began work on the history of black workers in America sample sixties of the twentieth century. The shooting took place on the territory of the State of Mississippi - where the author of the acclaimed novel grew up and where the action of the book and the film.

Drama "The Help" Personalized African-American Civil Rights Movement, showing the audience of those who were its activists. The main character - a young Southerner Eugenia Phelan nicknamed Skeeter. Girl from childhood accustomed to the fact that the black servants do for her and her family all the hard work, suddenly thinks: but is it right? Adds fuel to the fire friend Skeeter, a spokeswoman for the local elite Hilly Holbrook. It promotes treatment of blacks as second-class citizens and, in particular, that do not allow all the servants go to the toilet owners. When Minnie maid Holbrook, disobey and rain refuses to go into the yard, it is fired.

Angered by this story, Skeeter decides to write a book, collecting stories of black maids city. At first, the idea of ​​its servants is skeptical, but lose these women have nothing. After the assassination of President Kennedy in the southern states, including Mississippi, exacerbated racist attitudes among the "white". However, the defenders of "color" in the US there are more. The book is called "Servants", which contains shocking stories of women from childhood forced to work for the Lord, published in the New York publishing house and turns life in the town upside down. I have it and the main characters life. Skeeter moved to New York to fulfill his dream of becoming a journalist. Its main assistant, Minnie and blacks Eybilin receive financial independence thanks percent of book sales. Hilly Holbrook villain compromised, like many of her arrogant friend. Even Mother Skeeter, a typical lady Southerner, I believe that the daughter piddle instead of a good marriage, admits that "the girl opened her eyes".

Touching and optimistic, drama "The Help" won the whole collection of awards, among them - the "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actress, National Board of Review Award for Best US ensemble cast, and others.

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