Tea gatherings: Cubs at your desk

Tea gatherings: Cubs at your desk
 In Russia tea - practically the national drink not surprising, because the variety of existing varieties and flavors satisfy even the most discerning gourmet. And how much good cheer smoothly flows into the joint tea party ...
 The tea market is constantly updated with tasty novelties. Any self-respecting Tea Company updates the range of approximately two to three times a year. Classic "Earl Grey" and "Puer" replace a mix of different varieties and herbal teas. Today, the list of newcomers includes:

Curtis Bountea

 White tea is still little known to the Russian consumer - it produces only a few manufacturers. Bountea - tea called paradise island and no less luxurious taste. This is one of the most valuable varieties of white tea, which is collected only in the highlands with young tea bushes in early spring. The tea has a light floral aroma, slightly reminiscent of acacia.

Lipton Warming Apple Cinnamon

 This is an interesting novelty for fans of fruit and herbal. They are especially popular among those who drink tea is rarely due to the presence of caffeine in it. Spicy aroma of this tea perfectly complement a piece of fresh walnut strudel or dessert. "Delicious" smell creates cinnamon powder, sweet and sour taste give rosehip berries and pieces of dried apple, and the main bouquet opens with orange leaves, hibiscus and lime.

Ahmad Tea «Winter prunes"

 One of the largest producers of tea Ahmad has created a collection of black tea with the taste of sweets and pastries. "Winter prunes" - elite tea whose taste complemented by sweet-sour note dried prunes. This tea will enjoy extraordinary personalities. Romantic young ladies have to taste "Chocolate brownie" from a mixture of Chinese tea with dark chocolate shavings. Summer evening is the best fit "Citrus Sorbet" - green tea with notes of citrus and mint. Fill a pitcher of tea and put it in the fridge. Serve with ice cubes and mint leaves - adults and children will be delighted with this refreshing drink.

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