Learn to photograph people: art portrait

Learn to photograph people: art portrait
 Often, people find themselves inphotogenic because poorly obtained for amateur photographs. At parties and meetings all take pictures without using the camera modes as required, removing the flash where it will only hurt, but the result is often all just disappointing. If you're shooting a portrait, your first task as a photographer, is that the person in the photo turned out well. You can pursue their objectives in an attempt to achieve a certain expression, but try to keep the people in your pictures were beautiful.
 It is important that your model is relaxed. If a person behaves hesitantly, not smiling stiffly moves or does not want to be photographed - at best pictures do not expect. You can talk to the person to make contact directly during the process, and some photographers prefer to advance to meet the model and discuss the shooting conditions, as well as clothing, accessories, requirements and other details. During a call, you can get to know and understand who you will be taking pictures and how best to do it.

Experiment with poses and angles. Try different twists the body, head, facial expressions, perhaps lighting options. It is important not just to make some many different photos, and make some excellent shots.

Pictures of children is not easy. They are and strive to turn away, yawn, or made a face, as if they were not interested in acting, the good pictures you do not get it. Try to interest the child. Let parents bring a few toys, and if you have your own studio, then lay up some entertainment for young children, interesting and fun props.

If you're shooting a close-up, then make sure that the person attended the photo entirely. You can crop the picture so that the crown, for example, will be cut, but it should be your decision and not an unfortunate accident. When are focused and know what you want to highlight in man, Focus on the eyes, so you will not regret it.

As for the technical aspects, the portrait lens - this is very important. Wide-angle and bright, it can make your portrait photos completely different, if you've removed the universal or fairly simple optics. Recommended conditions for portraits is open diaphragm, which provides the lowest depth of field.

Also ensure that there is in the background. All kinds of poles and lamps, so out of place "grow" out of my head after shooting is finished - not uncommon. Get used to estimate the background right, then to the extra elements do not spoil your shots.

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