How to protect the private life from prying neighbors

How to protect the private life from prying neighbors
 Many people familiar with the situation when the life of a separate, seemingly apartment turns into a real hostel. Thin walls allow the house all day and night to be aware of everything that is happening at the neighbors: they swear or make love.  

It is known that when people do not have their personal lives, they are happy to put their noses in other people's curious. Well, if the couple is able to moderate their sexual appetites, or at least turn down the volume of his "sexual locomotive." But what about the emotional partners who are not accustomed to restrain themselves in the manifestation of joy?

Well, the neighbors do not choose, and you need to try in any way to build a friendly relationship with them. If your neighbors were elderly people, try to treat them with warmth and understanding - at their age is not so easy to put up with the slightest inconvenience and noise. Partly care will help smooth out the most acute angles: help the elderly with shopping, for example, products, and their relation to your sexual games just change.

Lucky enough to couples whose neighbors are the same age or enough young people are able to understand the natural tendency of people who love to enjoy each other. However, it is not necessary to be zealous in the expression of feelings and turn intimate act in the process of scoring a pornographic film.

Curious neighbors can not only hear your lovemaking, but also to see them, especially if you absolutely refuse to hang curtains on the windows. In this case, get ready for the fact that the inhabitants of the house opposite can unwittingly participate in the process, and the very lovemaking become a demonstration performance by shouts of "encore" and "bravo".

Note that the jury may nominate and low marks for your somersaults, so it's best to take care of protecting your home from prying eyes. In fact, a third of love - always too much.

If you desire to love caught up in front of a computer monitor connected to the Internet, do not forget to terminate all sessions on and off the video camera. Agree, not very nice to find photos and videos of small family joys of the vast World Wide Web in the "Home movies for adults."

Intimate life does not provide for participation of the public and extras. Protect it from prying eyes and ears, then happiness and closeness will not abandon you.

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