Sexuality and Culture

Sexuality and Culture
 On people's attitude to sex and sexuality within a particular social group is influenced by many factors. Significant impact on the understanding of sexuality have a culture, traditions, norms and rules of conduct adopted in a particular society.

Human sexuality depends on many factors: on his behavior, speech, and other external image. Different cultures have recognized sexual totally different people, and sexual behavior for each country has its own characteristics. Somewhere freely discuss sex, sexuality, and where, on the contrary, the discussion of such issues is not welcome, and even condemned.

In many developed countries related to sexuality and sex fairly tolerant, free. In these countries, even in schools have sex education lessons. Young men and women with young children know enough about sexuality pretty much.

In Southern European countries are still relatively strong influence of religion and parental opinion on this matter. But even in these countries tend to have a more open relationship to sexuality.

Generally, sexuality is complex and multifaceted concept. In every culture, formed its own rules of conduct in sex, values ​​and taboos. Culture determines how should engage partners in sexual relations, determines the significance of the relationship to society as a whole.

Can not say that for each culture is characterized by well-defined rules and foundations of behavior in the area of ​​sexuality. On the contrary, culture is constantly mixed with each other, so developing and changing attitudes towards sexuality and sex. For example, as is the case for the countries of southern Europe, where the influence of religion and the family in matters of sex is not so great as it was before.

But, of course, there are countries and narrower social groups where sexual culture retained sufficient isolation, so the impact on it from the outside is minimal. For example, in the era of Soviet influence of western culture on our was minimal, and promoted the idea that "we do not have sex," to talk about sex openly and strongly considered indecent behavior is censured. The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the fact that people rushed to satisfy his interest in sex, using a completely different information is often not always quality.

In today's world, there are also countries, a community of people where sexuality is based on old traditions. Such people great influence of religion on this issue, the choice of partner is often carried out in accordance with the family and religious canons and rules. These countries include Eastern and African countries.

In developed countries, too, have certain social groups and even individual families who adhere to the Puritan way of life. Basically it is a group of people who adhere to a particular religious denomination and closed from the influence of an outside culture. For example, the Mormons in the United States. For such people is a natural limit to their needs, including sexual. All life in the slave community groups such strict rules and regulations, derogation from which can lead to unpleasant consequences and penalties, up to expulsion from the family and society.

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