Cocktail in the summer garden

Cocktail in the summer garden
 The warm sun and bright green lure people from their homes and offices on the street. Camping in this weather is pleasant to read and work with your Notebook, discuss business issues and conduct public receptions. To make this last summer-easy and enjoyable, start watching and his organization in advance.

Pick a suitable location for receptions. Not every corner of the garden is suitable for this purpose. It is desirable that the space was quite closed - hidden from prying eyes and not overlooked from the street. This will create a cozy atmosphere and feel for all to see. Also on the site to be a place that is free of trees, so you can put a table with snacks and not be afraid that with overhanging crowns nabegut insects who want to taste all the dishes. If possible, do a vast canopy that would negate the potential problems of this kind.

Secure space. Make sure that you are not near beehives and anthills. Check whether there are any in the grass forgotten tools or small objects - this is especially important if you will be invited to the feast and children.

Find out the exact number of guests invited to the banquet. Determine the age of these people, learn about their eating habits and the presence of allergy to any products. Ask if there are any on the list of vegetarians and vegans - for them will need to make separate meals.

Take care of furniture and dishes for the buffet table. Zagotovte necessary number of chairs and a few spare. You can cover one big table or several small, spaced throughout.

Think for buffet style. Of course, you can do without theme parties, but this approach offers several advantages. First, the style will create the mood, the atmosphere of the event. Secondly, themed entice guests in the first possible moment of awkwardness, when the holiday has just begun. Third, it can become a topic of conversation at the reception of strangers. Pick a style, given the nature of the assembled audience. Think about whether it is appropriate in the company offers a certain age and social status.

Arrange space in accordance with the chosen style. Pick a color table cloths and utensils, make decorative compositions of flowers and fruit, decorate with ribbons, origami and strands of beads tree branches. Pick the necessary musical accompaniment - a technique to adjust the advance and adjust the volume so that it was not deafening.

Prepare or buy suitable for buffet meals. Food should be simple and easy, but with a twist. You can choose dishes that are suitable for the style - for example, sushi buffet in the Japanese style. In addition, the food must be suitable for this type of dinner - not crumble in your hands and not dirty clothes leaky stuffing. Check the number of servings on the table - there should be enough for everyone.

If you do not want to mess with Dinner, seek professional help. Many companies provide services to the so-called exit restaurants. They prepare and deliver meals, and help serve the guests during the holiday.

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