Cheerful and varied countryside holidays

Cheerful and varied countryside holidays
 Most Russians cottage associated with work responsibilities in the beds that need to dig, water and get rid of weeds. What really is the country rest - tired can pohlesche than at work. However, if you ask for, stay in the country can be fun, varied and wholesome recreational activities.
 Plan your time so that you are not carried out all day in the garden, armed with a shovel or hoe. Responsibilities for the care of the site perform better in the morning, before it is too hot. A noon dedicate more relaxed activities.

Treat yourself to the gifts of nature. Late summer and early autumn - the perfect time to go on a quiet hunt. At this time, growing mushrooms, boletus, aspen, chanterelles, russula and many other fungi. Spring is great for fishing. But in the early summer you can go for berries - strawberries and blueberries.

Many cottage is associated primarily with barbecue. However, exposure to nature - it's a great opportunity to finally start to eat wholesome food, especially as it grows, you have at hand. Vegetable salads and oatmeal with berries like you and your body.

Do not pursue sea tan. Outdoors in native latitudes, you can get a beautiful skin tone, which will last much longer than brought from Turkey or Egypt.

Country vacation would not be complete without the active outdoor games. Volleyball, pioneer-ball, badminton, frisbee - all at your service, but do not forget to bring equipment out of the city. And after you get tired, you can take a refreshing dip in the cool river.

If you are tired of city life and constant communication with people outside the city allow yourself a break from all this. Turn off the phone and take with you to the cottage of the book that you've always wanted to read, but it's not enough time. More walk alone, perform a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood.

Representatives of creative professions can use the time spent in the country, not only for recreation, but also for the realization of their ideas. Being alone, when no one is distracting to work, you can create your best masterpieces.

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