Wedding in Sochi: how to organize?

Wedding in Sochi: how to organize?
 Sochi - extraordinarily beautiful city. Romance of the sea, the mountains, the combination of Caucasian and European ways of life make it a great place for a wedding celebration.

In any case, you both have to come to Sochi in person to apply. Proxy it will be impossible to do.

By law, the marriage certificate is issued one month after the submission of the application. So, you will have a month to prepare for your wedding.

Upon arrival in Sochi, select the registrar, in which you will be registered. In Sochi, five of them. Immediately we can agree on the venue and the wedding celebration, consider the program.

Take a tour of Sochi, select afford a hotel, restaurant, Baby places you want to visit on your wedding day and the next.

Can help you in organizing weddings Sochi marriage agencies. The list can be found on the Internet or read directly in Sochi. Agency will provide you with many different services for the celebrations - from the airport, the device at the wedding and ending the program for a few days.

You can choose what style you want to hold a wedding - in the style of Caucasian feast, romantic sea or in the countryside in the mountains.

If you do not have much time, and you can only come to Sochi in order to apply, please refer to the help of marriage agencies in your city or search for suitable options for you over the Internet.

Look at forums and reviews of the various companies engaged in organizing weddings in Sochi.

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