Time travel - where better to relax?

Time travel - where better to relax?
 Going on vacation in distant lands, you need to choose not only the hotel, room category and the power supply system. Pay attention to the weather conditions at the resort, which are important components of a good rest.
 The most popular among Russian tourists countries - Turkey, Egypt, Thailand - take travelers all year round. However, if you want to not only visit the sights, but also swim in the sea and comfortably sunbathe on the beach, selection of the appropriate month is very important.

Turkey season for beach lovers only opened in late May - June. Until that time, the sea water is cold enough - 19-24 degrees. And please can unless lovers hardening. In Egypt, the coldest months - December, January and February. This country is on the same hemisphere as the Russian, and there is also a winter. Red Sea during this period is quite cold, and the most unpleasant - piercing icy wind that does not give lie on a lounger in the sun. Thailand, on the contrary, is open to fans soak up the beach it was during the cold Russian winter. November, December, January, February - the most successful months of travel. Closer to April in Thailand gets too hot in the summer are tropical storms.

If you do not like quiet measured rest on the beach near the hotel and seek a new country to visit as many places of interest, it is better to choose the time to travel is in the so-called "off-season". And there are several reasons. Firstly, the cost of the tour in this period at times less. Secondly, there are no crowds of tourists who sometimes hinder free to see the sights. And the third - the lack of heat promotes longer walks. And with regards to Thailand, summer rains there are so short that does not darken any excursions. Dropping from the skies moisture evaporates almost instantly, without forming puddles.

Even if you have been given leave to seemingly unfortunate to visit your favorite resort time, do not worry. When else will be able not only to spend their holidays on the beach and explore the unique ancient buildings, visit the mineral springs, visit the caves, zoos, all kinds of shows. It is not necessary to abandon the idea of ​​a trip, just a few of the upcoming revision of the plan the trip.

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