Christmas gifts class "luxury"

Christmas gifts class "luxury"
 Find a gift today of any price level - not a problem. There are no difficulties with their purchase. From simple to very expensive, even obscenely expensive. But as is the case with the democratic at the price of gifts, exclusive to be appropriate.
 Gift truly delight your recipient, if he meets his hobbies. He must emphasize its social status, but in any case no hint of age. The gift should not only be expensive, but tasteful. He should please not only the cost, but in and of itself. Gifts of class "luxury" can be divided into several categories.

Pragmatic gifts

It may be well-known brand watches, studded with diamonds, "sverhkrutogo" model home trainer (or even a whole room) or electronic device is the latest model. For example, the laser turntable for vinyl records. Such gifts are ideal for self-confident people who like to emphasize their social status, but do not want to spend money for nothing.

Luxuriously-representational prezenty

This group includes vintage or just a rare thing. For example, a book bound in gilt inlaid with semiprecious stones. Or expensive household furnishings - for example, a bar in the form of a globe, inlaid with malachite, jasper and lapis lazuli. Diamond necklace of Marie Antoinette. Such surprises will appeal to people who have a tendency to sybaritic lifestyle.


This category may include an oil portrait made in the technique of abstract contemporary artists, gift diploma distant star name of the gift recipient's name. But your choice on such original things if you are sure that the sense of humor is present in the person to whom you this Hand.

Gifts, Sports meet your "counterpart"

And then the choice is incredible widely depending on preferences - from doroguschego sets of golf clubs to a new feature-rich model helmet for fans of steep slopes.

Extremely not cheap prezenty

Paragliding or aerotrube, participation in the race luxury yacht, flying in space, in the end. If you have an extra twenty million dollars, then why not spend it on a person close to you?

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