Celebrate the New Year with a child

Celebrate the New Year with a child
 Christmas tree toys, the smell of tangerines and colorful tinsel - all these attributes most favorite holiday, and children and adults. Try to be real wizards and magicians these days, and give your children a fairy tale light. After New Year's childhood memories remain vivid in the memory of joy spots on the rest of his life.
 If your family has children, make sure you get happy New Year preparations in advance. First, write with your child letter to Santa Claus in Vologda Great Ustyug. Thanks to the letter, you will find out what kind of gift, he is dreaming. Seal the envelope and drop with the child in the mailbox. This is a way for adults the most common, and for the crumbs he is very interesting.

Spend a few nights of December talks about the upcoming holidays. Advance with your child start manufacturing ornaments for the Christmas tree, accompanying the process of stories about the New Year. You can paint with acrylic paint walnuts, wrap small boxes of shiny paper or foil and tie a pretty bow. Of salt dough can be made funny animals, decorating them with beads, tinsel, painted colors. Cut out paper snowflakes and napkins. Bake cookies with your child or cakes in the form of stars, Christmas trees or snegovichkov. For crumbs it will be unforgettable and will be a great decoration Christmas table.

Decorate the tree with the child colorful balloons, glass toys, candy, hang garland, beads. Do not forget about jewelry made with their own hands crumbs.

Indispensable attribute of holiday do custom Christmas costumes for baby. Children are happy to be included in this process by providing all possible assistance in carving masks, gluing applications for the next suit. If the kid did suit himself, along with his father and mother, it would be more valuable to him than the most beautiful, but bought at the store.

With an older child Teach a poem or song for the arrival of Santa Claus or attending a Christmas party. For children up to 3 years old should not be called costumed heroes to not scare him. For children from 4-5 to 10 years, who still believe in miracles, the appearance of the house of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden - unforgettable joy of the holidays.

It's better if you Coverings such as blankets festive table in the usual kid dinner. After all, before the New Year, and fight chimes are usually not a pipsqueak dosidev. Nevertheless, departing from the normal mode and allow the child to celebrate as much as he was worth enough for him. Sing together karaoke, play, organize contests and charades. For older children you can go on the street: a ride on the hill, play snowballs, visit mass celebrations.

The most important thing in the New Year with children - to invest in this action their love and soul to saturate fun surprises, joyful events and wonderful impressions children's hearts.

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