Walking: a great way to bring the body into shape

Walking: a great way to bring the body into shape
 Walking - a great way to improve the whole body and improve physical fitness. Another advantage of the walk is its accessibility for people of all ages can not be said about all other sports.
 This exercise does not require you to any major investments and applying extra effort. Need only a desire and a pair of sneakers. Walking is not particularly contraindications. On the contrary, it is useful for the cardiovascular system. As, however, and jogging. However, the latter type of cardio is not so safe for the knee and spine.

In addition, training sports Walking helps increase overall stamina, as they are trained not only the heart but also the respiratory system. They also contribute to the strength of the bone tissue, strengthens muscles (particularly for the lower body). This type of exercise allows you to fight obesity, depression and stress. Scientists note that walks extend human lifespan.

Nordic walking technique is quite simple: one should start with 20-30 minutes a day. In the style of walking at the same time there are differences. People younger recommended to increase the pace of walking, and the elderly is better to prefer a moderate pace and increase the duration of walking. By the way, to choose the optimal speed is quite simple: it will be the one in which you will be able to talk and not to stray from breathing. If there is shortness of breath, lower pace.

Be sure to follow the correct formulation of the foot. This is in order to reduce the load on the knee joints and the spine. Smoothly rolls his body weight from heel to toe. At the same time, try to rely not on the inside and the outside of the foot.

Do not forget the position of the hands. To keep the balance they need to be moved synchronously with the legs. Maintain good posture, shoulders deploy ago. Only under the conditions of your lungs will work as efficiently as possible.

On training take a bottle of water. During the walk a little sip of it. Thus you will reimburse the cost of the liquid due to physical exertion.

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