Your or someone else's why stars adopt children?

Your or someone else's why stars adopt children?
 Fashion stars to adopt children, a wave around the world. Today, quite a number of famous families raising foster children. And often not one, but two or three. And each celebrity for such a serious step has its own reasons.
 For how many children have already adopted and still going to Angelina Jolie, is closely monitoring the whole world. Today it is - one of the most famous adoptive mothers. The reason that the actress took to her family of three kids - a natural kindness and sympathy stars. After all, no wonder she was 11 years serves as the Goodwill Ambassador of the High Commissioner for Refugees at the United Nations.

Looking at all the miseries and humiliations residents of Third World countries, she could not get past the suffering children. This was the main reason for adoption of children. Now that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and a big happy family.

Actress Sharon Stone was pregnant twice, but have not been able to. So she decided to adopt. Now the family of this successful and beautiful woman grows three different boys. All receivers.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise decided to adopt children, to save his crumbling marriage. They have their own could not. Doctors put the actress terrible diagnosis: "Infertility". Therefore, the couple decided to go for adoption. However, despite these measures, the star couple divorced soon after adopted children moved into their family. Kidman diagnosis was not confirmed, and the second marriage she gave birth to their child. Tom Cruise also became the proud father of a new wife. But about their adopted children are not forgotten and bring them in turn.

Charlize Theron - a lonely star. However, on the desire to have children is not affected. Suitable candidate for the role of the father of her own baby was not found. And the actress has decided to adopt a child. A boy named Jackson moved into the house star in March 2012.

A single mother and became Sandra Bullock. Together with her husband they wanted to have a normal family, but their children they had. And then the couple decided to take the child from the orphanage. But shortly before the execution of all securities Sandra broke up with her husband because of his betrayal. But the desire to take the child from the orphanage has not passed. So the actress had a son and a baby a loving mother.

Hollywood was shaken by the scandalous news from the adoption of a child at a time when their desire to have a baby said Sir Elton John and his husband. Take orphanage they did not want. Instead, the singer and his partner in life have found a friend of the musician, who made the donor. Child endured a surrogate mother. A couple just after birth the baby has recorded over.

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