Wedding in the open air

Wedding in the open air
 Wedding - a solemn and memorable event. It is not surprising that most weddings are playing in the summer and early fall - can be brought to guests in the best wedding dresses, take a walk and enjoy the weather. And eating a wonderful option - to organize a wedding outdoors.

Cramped and stuffy restaurant never replace the noise of leaves and warm sun. Increasingly, weddings are held outdoors. This not only gives you the opportunity to relax and have fun, but also frees you from having to pay expensive rent.

In order to hold a wedding outdoors, you have to stock up tents or wedding tents. It is recommended to decorate them with garlands of fresh flowers or, to provide an autonomous lighting. Especially beautiful lighted tents look tonight.

Tents, tarpaulins unlike have sidewalls. As the floor in a tent, you can use natural cover, and you can make a special flooring. As for the furniture, the perfect plastic kits - tables and chairs. If you want to put more luxurious furniture, it is necessary to take into account the weather conditions - furniture very quickly absorbs moisture.

For a wedding on the nature and the scene will need - if you plan to conduct performance artists or music competitions. You can rent an open area or indoor scene. And it is possible to construct a temporary stage, but there will need to make some effort. Do not forget about lighting and musical equipment.

H a wedding is complete without a celebratory banquet. For this great restaurant on-site. You can organize all your own, but it is quite difficult and time-consuming.
And most importantly - it transfers. For guests did not think about that night, they should get behind the wheel or rush for the train. Better if professional drivers will deliver them to the venue of the wedding, and then razvezut home.

Everyone chooses for himself his own version of the wedding, but the wedding in nature has a lot of advantages. This air, and space, and beautiful nature, and unusual. Precisely because such weddings are very popular.

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