Wedding cake - it's a tradition

Wedding cake - it's a tradition
 A beautiful wedding cake, which solemnly endure at the end of the wedding celebration, has long been familiar to us. It can be large or small, have different shapes and a variety of decorations. But what does a wedding cake, and how did this delicious tradition?

In ancient times it was the custom to meet young loaf on his return from the church. Flew century, the function of the church took the registrar, and the bride and groom continues to meet the caravan. The first bite of a piece of the loaf should groom him - the bride. To be able to bite off more he will be in the house of the owner.

A similar tradition existed in ancient Rome. New husband breaks the wedding cake just above his lover, showering her with crumbs, and it had to make their future life rich. Sharing slices of cake with the guests, the groom if their gifts to their happiness and joy.

In Russia, the wedding loaf baked certain people - they were planted father and mother of the groom and the so-called karavaynitsy, then there are women who are happily married and have a beautiful and healthy children. This, according to an old legend, brings to life the young happiness and luck helped birth children.

But in England in the Middle Ages, wedding cakes were given away. Butter gifts stacked on the table, the couple got up from different sides, attracted to each other and kissed. Most likely because there was a tradition to make a wedding cake of several tiers.

In ancient Russia and there is such a thing as "the bridal cake." This round cake was a symbol of the sun and family happiness. Decorate it different figures, which symbolized happiness, wealth and love. Decorate wedding cakes and now, and decorations can be very diverse, it all depends on the imagination. This small figurines bride and groom: nice and cute. Hearts - here and so everything is clear, love and unity of hearts. Ring - a symbol of any wedding and a long life together.

Flying century, changing the rules, but the loaf still taken out before the wedding feast, and cake (which replaced the wedding cake) is the end of the holiday. But no matter how the cake was not on the holiday table, the main thing - a love of those who marry and their voluntary desire to go through life together. And let their lives be the same festive, sweet and beautiful as a chic wedding cake.

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