Veronica Castro crying too

Veronica Castro crying too
 In the early nineties, all Russian TV viewers with interest glued to their TV screens when the main channel of the country started showing famous Mexican series "The Rich Also Cry." The main character is performed charming actress Veronica Castro. Her charming appearance immediately won the love of millions of fans across the country. In those days, showing Mexican and Brazilian soap operas caused a real sell-out, and playing the main roles became insanely popular.

Veronica Castro appeared in his most famous TV series "The Rich Also Cry", which brought her fame in Russia, in 1979. Then she was 27 years old. However, in our country, for obvious reasons, the series has shown only in 1992 when the actress was already 40. It is noteworthy that in the same year, Veronica Castro arrived in Moscow to meet with his fans.

For years, the actress manages to maintain an attractive appearance, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Despite its popularity, Veronica, as it turned out - an ordinary man and not devoid of ordinary human emotions. During his visit to our country she visited on a visit at a simple family in Moscow, where he learned to cook dumplings.

From an interview with her, it became known that the actress is very much ties with Russia, and it feels great sympathy for our country and for our women. Veronica Castro, as well as all Russian women can sometimes cry when her emotions overflowed. She admitted that in his personal life, she is also not going smoothly.

The truth they say, "Do not born beautiful, and born happy." Veronica happy mother raising two children, but she could never boast of true happiness. Many still speculated on who is the father of Christian - the eldest son of the actress. Her second son, Michel was born as a result of a seven-year long civil marriage Veronica. But unfortunately, the couple finally broke up because of her husband's infidelity.

Veronica Castro throughout life were only a few major novels, but they all ended male infidelity. It happens ... Famous actress as ordinary women, too, are subject to various failures in life, because of which so want to cry sometimes.

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