Vanessa Paradis: lonely and beautiful?

Vanessa Paradis: lonely and beautiful?
 Vanessa Paradis - winner of the angelic voice and model appearance in 15 years has become one of the most popular singers in France. Her acting talent did not go unnoticed. At 25, she managed to light up in a movie with such masters as Gerard Depardieu, Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Despite the resounding success, the heart of the girl-nightingale still free and open to love.
 Vanessa Paradis - French by birth and upbringing. It is home to the Parisian suburb of Saint-Maur, Vanessa was born December 22, 1972. Parents directors, realizing the value of comprehensive development, raise and educate his daughter almost everything - from science to art. Vanessa sang beautifully and gracefully dance from an early age.

In 7 years Vanessa has appeared on local television and won a singing contest in 14 years girls uncle, the famous French actor Didier Pain, helped record created specifically for single Paradis Joe le Taxi, today is a classic pop music. Just a year later, 15-year-old Vanessa released her first album M & J, which later became platinum.

In 1989 he was scandalous Vanessa debut in the movie. She starred in the film by Jean-Claude Brissot "White Wedding". Explicit scenes spoiled impeccable reputation "singing angel." Despite the prize "Cesar" love of the audience changed contempt, its walls were painted porch insults, she always felt sidelong glances and heard shouting obscene. Vanessa decided to leave the cinema with his head went into music, releasing several albums in a row: Variation Sur Le Même T'aime - in 1990, Vanessa Paradis - in 1992, Vanessa Paradis Live - in 1994.

Returning their reputation, Paradis was able to sign a multimillion-dollar contract with Chanel. In 1995, Paradis returns in a great movie, but with one condition - no erotic scenes.

With Johnny Depp, future civil husband, Vanessa met in 1992 in Hollywood. Whirlwind romance began a few years later, when Depp arrived in France on a film by Roman Polanski, "The Ninth Gate". The actor lost his head on the accent Paradis, from her refined manners, from her boyish figure. He even confessed his love plaster on her leg - during the filming of the actress was injured. Lovers became the most stellar and durable pair of show business. They had two children: a daughter Lily Rose - in 1999, and son Jack - in 2002

Despite the fact that Johnny and Vanessa lived together for more than 14 years, their marriage was never officially registered. Their break Johnny was a real shock to friends and fans of the actors. In January 2012, the divorce Vanessa said on a talk show Le Grand Journal, is very popular in France. Star commented end of the relationship with restraint: "parted peacefully."

Vanessa, lonely and beautiful again in search of her prince. Immediately after the divorce, she hit the top most eligible brides France. Indeed, after breaking up with Depp in the division of property Paradis received 157 million dollars.

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