Unable to charming Alexander Oleshko

Unable to charming Alexander Oleshko
 Talented actor and parodist Alexander Oleshko a childhood dream to become an actor. At age 14, he had to deliver an ultimatum to his own parents, so they let him go to Moscow. And in Moscow circus school he waited, then Shchukin, and, of course, waiting for him numerous shooting and performances.

Aleksandr Oleshko was born on July 23, 1976 in Chisinau. Since childhood, little Sasha entertained everyone with his singing and litsedeyskimi views. At school the next actor studied quite poorly in algebra and physics, but brilliantly written essays on literature.

At the age of fourteen years, Alexander Oleshko moved to Moscow and entered the circus school. Along with learning the young actor managed to broadcast on television and even in the movies. In 1995 he graduated from college Oleshko with honors.

Instead of working in their specialty and earn good money, Alexander entered the Shchukin School. In order to survive somehow, he had worked as a waiter at night.

In 1999, after graduating from college, he received several invitations from Moscow theaters. The choice fell on Satire Theater, because once played there Oleshko favorite actor Andrei Mironov. The choice proved to be unsuccessful, and after the season, Alexander was in the theater "Contemporary". Soon he met his wife, actress Olga Belova. The marriage was short-lived, and lasted only a year and a half, but even after the divorce actors have remained friends.

In parallel with the work in the "Contemporary" Alexander Oleshko acted in films, he worked in various television series, including "Request Stop", "Turkish March", etc.
First he played a significant role in 2005 film "The Turkish Gambit". In the same year Alexander Oleshko was awarded "Golden Gull", playing the role of Celestin in the theater's Vakhtangov 'Mademoiselle Nitouche. "

In 2007, the actor started to work on the series "Daddy's Girls", where he plays an oligarch, swirl burst into the family Vasnetsov in search of an unfaithful wife, and the remainder of their friend. Shooting the series is still going on, parallel with Alexander plays in the theater, as well as an actor burlesque show "Big Difference" on Channel One.

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