The world of fashion: Mark Fast

The world of fashion: Mark Fast
 The young Canadian designer Mark Fast (Mark Fast) became known in the fashion world, thanks to its natural instinct with which he chooses celebrities showing his outfits. Stars, without even knowing it, promote the brand to the heights of world fame. And what are his only shocking demonstration of exclusive collections, where the models are the full of girls ...

So it was the fate of a talented designer that all his childhood he fussed with his mother's sewing machine in a small cabin in the wilderness, and now puts the world of pop diva Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Leighton Meester. Mark Fast graduated from college of Art and Design Saint Martins and now not only cooperates with international brands Pinko and Topshop, but he tries to cross a street fashion and the fashion of "haute couture" in his own clothing line Faster. Its exclusive models cover the world are full of glossy magazines: Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar and iD.

In 2008, 27-year-old designer will debut at London Fashion Week, attracting catwalk models with size 48-50. In fact, revolutionized the fashion world, Marc, in an interview said: "People who feel out of place and tight sexy dress for women with forms, are badly mistaken. I see this as a special beauty and glamor."

Most of all, Mark Fast highlights in their models of knitted dresses for women sexual component. The famous singer Kylie Minogue is an avid fan of dresses brand. She describes her first impressions: "After I sent it first dress, I thought, surely I ordered socks? Dresses Fast's relentless and very erotic."

In late May 2011 the famous designer presented his collection called "wolf in sheep's clothing" at the fashion show Aurora fashion week, held in St. Petersburg. Storyline played in his clothes, as usual, knitwear and leather several models. Their impressions of the show, Mark said in an interview he gave to local journalists.

On the question of whether to create a hand-knitted items, he replied: "Of course. But was used knitting machines. For example, the final dress was created two weeks." It is possible that an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, Mark Fast and achieved such a meteoric rise of his design career.

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