The most famous bisexuals: love them all

The most famous bisexuals: love them all
 Celebrities used to the fact that their whole life, even the most intimate moments, is the subject of discussion. Moreover, the stars are all, only to forget about them. Therefore, they talk quietly about their preferences in sex, because this topic is like no other, can "warm up" the interest of the layman.
 Stars do not hesitate to admit his bisexuality and even put it on display. People of art and fashion industry (actors, musicians, models) may appear as a party with a man and a woman (or to persons of both sexes at the same time).

Society for the most part does not condemn their pets, considering their propensity cute antics. For same-sex love people are treated differently, but pointed remark Woody Allen follows that bisexuality increases the chances of finding a partner twice.

Megan Fox, recently married to Brian Green, openly confessed his love for the people of both sexes. But she prefers women to choose only lesbians, as jealous bi men.

Stunning Angelina Jolie, too, does not hide his penchant for bisexuality. A few years ago she had an affair with model Jenny Shimizu. The actress even confessed that after love with the girls, she realized that hudyshki not very pleasant in bed.

Loud affair with Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson left no doubt in the bisexuality of the actress, because in front of him and was having an affair with a variety of stunning men. The girl claims that she is good and nice and with women and with men.

Outrageous and enchanting Lady Gaga just had to be bisexual, because it required all of its image. The singer says in his interview that loves sex in almost all its forms, that sometimes do not even pay attention to gender partner.

Fergie is now happily married to actor Josh Duhamel, but in interviews likes to recall how in the old days had affairs with women. According to the singer, it enthralls beautiful woman's body, but she chose him muscular and tanned Duhamel.

Rock legend David Bowie, too, recognized his bisexuality in an interview with Playboy. In the dashing 70th for the singer did not have much reason to refuse to have sex with someone else.

Charming Drew Barrymore considers any female friendship a bit sexy. Although the long-term and passionate relationship with a girl she did not have all the limited experiments in bed.

"I myself have sex! "- Says Brian Molko is a favorite band Placebo. He considers himself attractive for both men and women. Brian calls herself a lesbian in a man's body and is not shy about kissing in a public place with representatives of both sexes.

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