Star series: Blake Lovely

Star series: Blake Lovely
 For five years, the name of Blake Lovely associated with the cult youth drama "Gossip Girl." It was he who brought the blonde beauty twenty worldwide fame, despite the fact that even before the serial career Blake starred in several Hollywood films, had good box office.
 Interest in the acting profession moved Blake Christina inherited. The family Lovely Dramatic Arts addicted everything from small to large: both parents and children. The couple Ernie and Elaine Lovely at the "factory of dreams" were his people: he producer and actor, casting her manager in one of the Hollywood film companies. In the evening, Mom and Dad Blake went to lecture on acting, and as the youngest of five children leave was not with anyone, my daughter took with them. So starlet "Gossip Girl" took theoretical training for their profession still in its infancy.

At age 11, Blake first came on the set as an actress: thanks to his father, produced the film "The Sandman", the girls got the role of Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, a breakthrough in his career, this picture did not, and the game Lovely younger unnoticed by critics and directors. Following its role as the girl was already a 18-year-old. This time she was lucky much more: Teenage girl's melodrama about friendship "Traveling Pants" brought Blake Award nomination for Teen Choice Awards for Best Actress.

Yet this was not a complete success. Finest hour waiting for her after a successful audition for the role in the new youth series "Gossip Girl» (Gossip girl). TV shows filmed on a series of popular books in the United States Cecily von Tsigezar, won the highest ratings from the very beginning of the show. A Lovely Blake, played the leading role of Serena van der Woodsen, Queen of the elite schools, which the unfolding events of the series, suddenly was recognized by critics promising young actress with custom charming appearance.

The image of a wayward Serena, who is struggling to forget his past faulty, Blake has been in existence for five years. The ratings of the series so far and do not think to fall, but on one of the role of Miss Lovely not to fixate. To heap of awards received for "Gossip Girl", she recently added prize for the film "The Town," and also starred in the acclaimed drama "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" and the collection of short stories lyrical film "New York, I Love You! ".

Personal life 24-year-old Lovely is haunted by paparazzi: she managed to change a few partners, the most famous of whom was Leonardo DiCaprio. The flames were fanned recent pictures published in a tabloid magazines: they Blake covers hands pretty impressive tummy. While gossip gossip all over the world who may be the father of the child, the girl refuses any kind of comments and was in an interview reiterated that she wanted to focus on his career. And she's Blake Lovely until going up the hill.

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