Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren
 The fate of Ralph Lauren became the embodiment of the American dream. A boy from a poor family with many children became the owner of a vast fortune, a recognized master of his craft. Once wrote in a school essay, "I want to be a millionaire", he achieved his goal.
 Ambitious boy was born in the Bronx in 1939. His parents - immigrants from Belarus. Forced to move to America, parents Ralph hard to support his family - his father worked as a house painter and his mother was three children. Ralph and his two brothers lived in one room, and future fashion from an early age dreamed of a better life.

To achieve the goal, he chose to become an economist, but a year after admission left the university and began working as a traveling salesman. However, he did not abandon his idea of ​​owning your own business. In 1967, he finally found a sponsor who gave 50 thousand dollars for the development of the business. Ralph vigorously took up the matter - his first menswear collection Polo Ralph Lauren has been presented to the public a year later.

The first step in a large Ralph Lauren fashion a step innovator. Then he introduced the fashion to replace wide tie bored narrow, and later he managed to be the first among its competitors and capture (or create?) New trends.
In 1971, Ralph Lauren launched a line of women's clothing, it has since become one of the suppliers of outfits for stars at the most prestigious ceremonies.

Ralph Lauren style can be described as simple, but at the same time, the original style. It combines incongruous, makes clothes for aristocrats and combines elegance and sophistication with an authentic American flavor.

By the beginning of the XXI century the company has grown Ralph Lauren, worldwide opened about three hundred stores under the brand produced multiple lines of clothing items for the home, perfumes. Council designers awarded US fashion designer title of "The Legend of fashion", and in 2011, Forbes estimated his fortune almost $ 6 billion.

This 40-year journey from dream to its embodiment Ralph was one woman - for the past four decades, he is faithful to his wife, Ricky. The couple have three children, a daughter owns confectionery, one of the sons - the producer and the second deals with the site of Ralph Lauren.
Ralph himself characterizes its products in three words: "clarity, beauty, quality." He did not hide the fact that not all sectors of its business is a genius - he's doing the work that can be done efficiently, the rest of the professionals trust. He did not study fashion design, but always knew how to find the best masters: "I do not know what they are able to, but they do not know what I am able."

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