Olga Prokofiev: Waiting for a miracle

Olga Prokofiev: Waiting for a miracle
 The film "Waiting for the Miracle" for many viewers become a real incentive to start a new life, just believe in yourself. In this film, one of the roles played by Olga Prokofiev.  

Olga E. was born in 1963 in Odintsovo, Moscow Region. She was an ordinary girl who went to school, studied music and dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Shortly after this experience playing on stage, a new dream - to become an actress. And it was not even a dream, and the intended purpose. Immediately after graduation, Olga tried to enroll in college theater, but failed. Olga has not abandoned its goal, she got a TV as an accountant and began to prepare for the next entrance exams. The following year, Olga went to storm GITIS, come back Prokofiev helped Vladimir Gusinsky, a student of the 4th year of the Faculty of directing, later became a media mogul. Get on the acting department Olga failed, but it took the directing department Andrei Goncharov.

The first critical acclaim for his portrayal of Olga was a teacher in the graduation performance "Tomorrow there was a war."

After graduation, Olga was offered a job in the theater "Lenk" Mark Zakharov and theater Mayakovsky Goncharov. Olga Goncharova and chose not mistaken.

Later in the movie started shooting. Actress began to unfold for the viewer with an entirely new way. In the 2000s, the film firmly entered the lives of Prokofiev. Some of the earliest known works by Olga Evgenevny- series "Thief" and "Stop on request". Then the "Children of the Arbat", and a year later a role in the television series "The adjutants of love." Despite the fact that the roles are mostly secondary, they were essential and certainly bright.

This prominence to Prokofiev came after her work in the TV series "My Fair Nanny". The most time-consuming and very interesting roles Prokofiev calls comedic roles. Jeanne Arkadevna - collective image and collect it in pieces and fine particles of the actress. On the set of the series with all actors Olga established an excellent relationship. In 2007, all four of the actor, starred in the TV series, were engaged in a new production of "Shakespeare never dreamed of."

Looking at the work of the beloved actress, her dedication and talent, audiences are always waiting for a miracle. Plans Prokofiev, like any true actress, ambitious and large-scale. Her dream - to play a strong controversial historical figure. And maybe this dream will come true.

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