Meet Julia Snigir

Meet Julia Snigir
 "Star Girl" from the "Bentley", love the simple mechanic, and fragile, strong and girlish dreamy Rada with a grim and hopeless Saraksh planet - one and the same actress, a native of the city of Don Julia Snigir.  

Until recently, Julia Snigir studied at the Shchukin Drama School, the course RY Ovchinnikov. This is not her first diploma: Julia graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University with a degree in "English philology".

History Yulia bit like the history of American cinema stars of the thirties and forties. She began her career in modeling agency Point, which drew attention to its plasticity, expressiveness and photogenic. There is a category of people, nature and dignity which wonderfully displayed in the frame.

It is such a delicate, romantic and a little detached from reality Woman Julia played a clip of "The Beast". Clip was successful, getting the image was absolute, and Julia Snigir received an invitation to the role of Parliament Gaal's picture Fyodor Bondarchuk "Inhabited Island".

Julia told myself then that the role was given to her with difficulty, she worked a lot on the way, trying to convey an independent and at the same time amazingly credulous character of the heroine, her hopes for the best and fear for their loved ones.

The role of Parliament Gaal became the high point of Julia Bullfinch. After that film, she began to receive offers to play in character roles. Only in 2010, she took part in the filming of military ribbons "Heaven on Fire", where she played Lisa Voronin, starred in the melodrama "I'll never forget," tried her in the TV series "Doctor Tyrsa" and in the historical series "In the forests and the mountains. "

2011 brought Julia works in the tape: "Nuremberg. Counterplay," "Valley of Roses" and "Atomic Ivan." Currently Julia removed in Russian-French film "Rasputin", where he plays the role of Dora.

But this work of Julia Snigir not limited to: she tried her hand at television: presenter worked on TV "Petersburg - Channel Five" and led TV show "The Theory of Relativity" on STS channel.

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