Linda Evangelista: mystery of Paris

Linda Evangelista: mystery of Paris
 Linda Evangelista - one of the most famous and highly paid top models. During his extraordinarily long career for the models it was the face of the most popular companies and participated in the CPM famous designers. It is not surprising, because her name in Spanish means "beautiful" ...
 The Canadian model of Italian descent was born 10 May 1965 in a simple working-class family. Her career began at age 12, when one of the beauty contests she attracted the attention of an employee of the New York branch of modeling agency Elite.

For some time her career does not go well - it can only be removed in advertising shampoos and hair care products, as they have amazing beauty braid. However, after a bad case when one of the competitors cut her gorgeous long hair, boyish haircut Linda did, and it drew the attention of the most famous modeling agencies and photographers. Evangelista moved to Paris, where he has achieved stunning success.

It turned out her new haircut with a beautiful face creates an amazing and unique image that will become its hallmark for many years. And it allows you to create the appearance of her most unusual metamorphosis, that's crazy renowned photographers and brings her the title of superstar. Why are only changing the color of its hair - she repaint them in a variety of 17 colors - from platinum to chocolate.

In the 90's Linda Evangelista is part of the legendary five models, participates in shows of famous designers and easily throws constantly falls for her men. Evangelista becomes the first model to pay huge fees for only one appearance on any event. Its world-famous phrase "Less than 10 thousand I do not get up from the bed," fully reflects its success at the time. With her husband, the director of the European branch of Elite Gerald Marie, she divorced after six years of marriage because of her husband's persistent requests to have a baby. And really, what kind of a child may be involved when his gorgeous body she earns millions of dollars, and her main love - the camera flash.

But in real life super model case of the present drama. This was her marriage with her second husband and her great love - France goalkeeper Fabien Barthez. For the sake of a happy family life she left the podium, began to hide his gorgeous body under the old, worn-shirts, enjoying the peace and dreaming about the children. They were together until 2002, and before Barthez left her for another, she had a miscarriage and lost her long-awaited baby.

To numb the pain of a failed marriage, the Evangelist makes it virtually impossible - triumphantly returned to the podium in a respectable age for a model, after several years of absence. It shows once again involved in the famous fashion and emblazoned on the covers of glossy magazines, leaving behind a young and beautiful models. On 11 October 2006 at the light appears her son - James Augustine. The child's father is rumored to be billionaire Francois Pinault, which is now married to actress Salma Hayek.

Currently, Linda lives in New York and in France with 60-year-old businessman Peter Morton, has a son and is the face of cosmetics company "L'Oreal".

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