Legends: Herman

Legends: Herman
 Many years have passed since the death of Anna German, but about her talent can not say that it is "retro". He forever morning. Naturally, the repertoire of Anne was not completely perfect, but it was free from politics, vulgarity, bad taste. No one could match in 70 years on stage with Herman.

Paternal Anna ancestors were Dutch, and maternal - Germans. In the thirties parents lived in the city of Urgench, and that is where the singer was born in 1936. Many years later, in the songs she would sing his childhood years, lived in this small town.

When Ana was a year old, her father was arrested, he was killed in the camp. Before the war, his mother married a Pole, but during the war he was gone. Mother went in search of her husband in the city of Wroclaw, this is where Anna began to draw and dream about studying at the Higher School of Fine Arts gave her no peace.

The mother wanted her daughter to a more practical profession and Anya entered the Geological Department. Since the family was very poor, she got a job - she sang in a pop band. Anna brought glory song "Dancing Eurydice". After her German was invited to various festivals.

Tremendous support Herman received from fans of the Soviet Union. On tour in the USSR, she sang songs in Polish, but even that does not take away from the public, it is not considered a foreign singer, and Soviet.

Sixties for Anna were very fruitful, it promised a successful career. Things could go on and on, if not terrible accident one night. The singer was in a terrible car accident 12 days did not come to his senses. Only a couple of years she begins to walk around the house, and a year later returned to the scene.

Subsequent years - in his personal life and career of dizzying success, however, in the 70 years she will be a new shock. They found a terrible cancer. Despite poor health and persistent dizziness, Anna continued to sing and go on tour.

In August 1982, during the regular operation, doctors were unable to save Anna. She was only forty-six years old, when his heart stopped beating Anna. She bravely made all the difficulties encountered in her way.

Herman has made our lives a lot of wonderful songs that will remain forever resound in our hearts, to give us strength in the most difficult moments of our lives. Romances Anna Herman will also bring a sense of freshness and joy coming days.

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