George Millyar history most beloved Baba Yaga

George Millyar history most beloved Baba Yaga
 Childhood of all Soviet children had painted fairy tales of Alexander Rowe. A favorite character in these tales, no doubt, become villains so vividly played them the People's Artist of the RSFSR Georgy Millyar. It was his image comes to mind when we talk about Koshchei Immortal or Baba Yaga.

Georgy Millyar at birth received from his father, a Frenchman with a spectacular name "noble" particle: de Milieu. Him and raised as an aristocrat: small Gosh did not know anything needs in childhood learned effortlessly two foreign languages: French and German. However, the revolution of 1917 changed everything: the family of 14-year-old by the time George seized the capital's apartment and a summer home in the south. The boy's mother (his father had died by that time) had wisely decided to hide. Any hint of aristocratic origins disappeared along with the old name. Henceforth de Milieu steel Millyar.

He could have become a translator, but then would have to explain where the young man without special education is excellent knowledge of foreign languages. Yes, and for acting Millyar pulled more. Working in the theater props Gelendzhik, he hoped one day to go on stage. In 17 years, a dream come true: George, who knew by heart all the roles were asked to replace the ailing actress in the play "Cinderella". So begins the first comedian to try on the role of women's characteristic wicked stepmother.

After moving from Gelendzhik to Moscow and entering school juniors at the Mayakovsky Theater Millyar has long been known to the public as a theater actor. His film roles were looping, inconspicuous. But that all changed meeting with director Alexander Rowe. In 1938 the Soviet screens out tale "wave of the wand," which embodies Millyar satirical image of the king of peas. Then, a parody of "malicious" tsarist regime was justified by the political mood in the country. However, no one has ever thought that this is the role of the domestic film opens in a series of brilliant villains and villains, played by George Millyar. For nearly thirty years Millyar and Rowe were inseparable on the screen.

George Franzevich took part in all the most famous tales of Soviet times: "Jack Frost", "Varvara - beauty, long braid," "Fire, water and copper pipes," "Aladdin's Magic Lamp" ... His Bag of Bones, the king of Wonder Yudo Marine, wisest mullah became one of the most memorable characters. However, the real success came in the form of Millyar Baba Yaga. He first persuaded Rowe give it a try in the women's role in 1939, in the film "Vasilisa the Beautiful." Then George Franzevich came up and costume for her role: picturesque rags, handkerchief on gray hair, warts, fangs and hooked nose ... He then assured the audience, whether in jest or earnest, that no woman would agree to act in such a "straholyudnom" makeup.

The role of Baba Yaga Millyar try on four. Last time - in 1972, in a fairy tale "Golden Horn". After it was still a lot of movies and cartoons, he voiced. Millyar lived a long and full life, and happiness has found its sunset. In 60 years, he met a woman whom he married and with whom he lived for nearly 30 years, until his death. The title of "People's Artist" he was awarded only 85 years old. However, in the hearts of people, especially children, he was so popular and loved. According to the memoirs of contemporaries Millyar, on the street and in shops kids went into raptures. it cost him to say something to his famous little cracked voice. Voice of fairy tale characters Koshchey and Baba Yaga.

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