Female happiness Reese Witherspoon

Female happiness Reese Witherspoon
 Reese Witherspoon - a small charming blonde is a childhood dream to be a doctor, as parents. But there it was. Fate itself seemed shouted to her: "You are talented in the other! "And the girl obeyed her.
 In seven years - a small role in a television commercial. At eleven - winning the talent contest. And four years later - the first role in a movie. This was the film "The Man from the Moon." However, she became famous at once - for some reason it turned out so that she refused to just those roles that could make her a star (eg, "Scream," "Urban Legend"), but was shot in the movie, go unnoticed.

Her first husband, Phillip Ryan, Reese met at a party to celebrate the coming of age. A month later they have regular contact over the phone, and three Reese rides in Northern California to visit a friend. Back in Los Angeles, they have come back together. Can we call her then-life woman's happiness? Most likely, yes - because everything was delicious and smooth. In this marriage were born children - daughter Ava, who is now twelve years old, and son Deacon - he was eight. It was during a joint life with Ryan Reese comes to not only recognition, but the real glory - the first in a stream of stellar roles became "Legally Blonde." Yes, they were really happy - even wake up each tried first to prepare your breakfast.

But something went wrong - Reese constantly strive for success and, more importantly, reached him, but Ryan's career went downhill. The husband began to slowly drink, and Witherspoon were still very important but their achievements. The result was the entire divorce in 2007. Of course, it was for her stress, but apparently it is this stress effect on the way changed the character of Reese. The most important thing - she learned to relax, it's easier to relate to life.

By the way, at the beginning of last year, Reese life has also changed - it has found a new love. It became Jim Totten, the agent of the actress. Forgotten resentment and bitterness, humiliation and hatred left over after divorce. She stopped hustling, has become more wise and calm. In the end, just take a - jogging in the morning, diet, yoga and Pilates. And yet - realized that to go on a date, being the mother of two children, was not scary. Of course, they were married. Reese is very happy that I found a man who not only loves her, but loves her children (and in fact she predicted that she would never find such).

Today, Reese Witherspoon - the famous and popular actresses, mother of two children, beloved wife, the "face" of cosmetics company Avon. Well, if not all of it can be called a woman's happiness?

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