Chet Beckham: history of stellar family

Chet Beckham: history of stellar family
 Would have thought fifteen years ago, footballer David Beckham, that the world-renowned "peppercorn" Victoria Adams (Posh) soon become his wife? Yes, he is a professional in their field and are also fairly well known in certain circles, and his game silences even the most malevolent critics. But Vicky, with whom he fell in love, looking at her performance on TV, not in vain is the nickname of "smart" ...
 One way or another, but met at a football match, the two could not live without each other - their meetings became regular. It was especially exciting - because neither the press nor the inner circle knew nothing about it. Therefore, young people can afford to talk for hours on end, or kissing, sitting in the car at the restaurant - in short, to carry along all his spare time.

Does the memorial charity match can be considered the creation of this star couple? Or is it one January day in 1998, when David Beckham made a favorite proposal, securing it expensive gift - wedding rings with diamonds three carats? In 1999, they were married.

By the way, starting with the ring itself, everything in their lives is "double": David ordered a similar ring. Both have the same tattoo on the body. And one happiness for two. Rather, now a full four happiness: in March 1999, the couple had a son Brooklyn, in 2002 - Romeo, in February 2005 - Cruise. Finally, in July 2011, David and Victoria become parents long-awaited daughter - Harper Seven Beckham.

Everything in life they suffer together: joys and woes. When David turned the center of the scandal at the game "World Cup", the favorite was next. Victoria was present and he received his Queen of the Order of the British Empire - with him to celebrate this momentous event. In turn, David has always supported initiatives Wiki - for example, when she decided to found a fashion brand, "Beckham".

Of course, the couple had to go through in his life and quite a difficult period - in 2004 when David unfaithful to his wife with his assistant, Victoria was wise and forgave him. And Beckham, to show how much he appreciates his Vicki made her re-offer. And the world is once again talking about them as the most delightful couple.

Today there is a whole - the couple Beckham. And if not so long ago David fans breathlessly watched as he breaks his crown penalty, and Victoria fans anxiously looked at her performances, today and they both still with great interest the family life of this amazing and very romantic star couple.

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