Chase Crawford

Chase Crawford
 Christopher Chase Crawford - a young American actor, charming and sexy, a favorite of women. The greatest popularity and acclaim through his shooting in the television series "Gossip Girl".
 Chase was born on July 18, 1985 in Lubbock, Texas, the son of a doctor and a teacher. During his school years in the business of golf, played for the football team. In addition to sports, the future actor nice drawing.

After high school, Chase moved to Malibu, California to become a university student. At first he wanted to become a doctor like his father. But then changed his mind and opted for a long time between the advertising business, communication and marketing. At the university, he joined the fraternity Sigma Nu. Along with learning future celebrity worked in the modeling industry and has always been in demand in this field. Then Chase have not thought about acting.

In the second year of university Crawford was offered a small role in the theater. From that moment his life changed. He believed in his creative talent and plunged into a labor of love. The actor became productive in film and television.

In 2006 he landed a role in the thriller "The deal with the devil", where his partners were Taylor Kitsch, Sebastian Stan and Toby Hemingway. The first major work was the Chase series "Gossip Girl." He played a role in it Nate Archibald, the boy ghost involved in a love triangle. After this premiere young Crawford was nominated for an award as best dramatic actor in the series. Then he was invited to star in the film "Dazed", where he worked with celebrities such as Monica Kiina and Jesse Mesalf. At the same time, Chase starred in "The Haunting of Molly Hartley." From 1999 to 2008, the actor starred in the television series "Family Guy." Recent work by Crawford's voice was animated series "Cavalcade of cartoon comedy."

Currently Chase Crawford remains on top. The actor continues creative activity and is popular with filmmakers and viewers series. Lives in two cities, New York and Los Andzhelesse and has its own fan club.

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