Biography stars: Eva Mendes

Biography stars: Eva Mendes
 Today, American actress Eva Mendes, official brand Calvin Klein is known around the world. But how she spent her childhood, which in no way were no signs of such success, it is known not to everyone. So who is this Eva Mendes, and as she began her career?


Eva Mendes was born in Miami, March 5, 1974. Her parents were immigrants from Cuba. Eve's father sold cars, and my mother worked as a teacher of primary school. The family Eve was the youngest child, she had two sisters and a brother. The girl's parents divorced early, and future star with his mother and the other children moved to Los Angeles.

Mother Eve had a pretty hard, but she was able to grow all four children and give them a good education. Then the girl did not even think about the career of an actress whose lives she had very different plans - she wanted to become a marketer. After school, Eva entered the University of California, but fate decreed otherwise.

A start in life

In the years of study at the university Eve had a friend - an aspiring photographer. When he decided to make a portfolio, then asked the girl to help him, acting as a model. A little later I saw pictures of Eve is one of Hollywood agents, he was so inspired by the beauty of the girl that persuaded her to leave school for a career actress.

Career Eva Mendes began with filming in video clips of Aerosmith and Will Smith, and then she managed to get small roles in television series, where it remained unnoticed. For the first time on the big screen, she appeared in the film "Children of the Corn-5" (1998), however, and this role has not brought the girl in popularity.

The long-awaited success

The success of the actress came in 2001, when she played in the movie "Training Day" with Denzel Vashintonom and Ethan Hawke. Then offer for filming started coming to Eve punctually.

The girl began to participate in projects with cash stellar cast. Her next role was the work in the comedy "Stuck on You", and for participation in the film "Once in Mexico" Eva Mendes was awarded the Teen Choice Awards. In the same year she took part in the movie "Furious", playing the girlfriend of the protagonist. And in 2006, the actress has made a couple of Nicolas Cage in the movie "Ghost Rider."

Career actress continues to thrive. In 2008, she took part in the film "The Women" and "The Avengers", in 2010, came out with its participation comedy "The Other Guys", and in 2011 - the blockbuster "Fast and the Furious 5".

Personal life Eve

In the life of a famous actress does not like noisy parties and prefers to spend time with her boyfriend. It can lighten the mood a glass of dry wine, loves sushi and fast driving by car. As for sports, then Eve positively related to long pedestrian walks and mountain biking.

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