Beauty and Belgium: Dries Van Noten

Beauty and Belgium: Dries Van Noten
 Designer Dries van Noten was born in Antwerp in 1958. Today Van Noten boutique, located in his hometown of lead tourists as the home of Rubens - antverpentsy very proud of the work of his fellow countryman. However, otherwise it could not be: Dries comes from a family of tailors. His grandfather earned sewing clothes, my father kept the studio, and the mother had a whole collection of antique linen and lace. Therefore, the basics of tailor's art Van Noten was able to study as a child, watching elders.

In 1980, the future designer joined the faculty of fashion in Antwerp Royal Academy. In parallel, he worked with a few Belgian and Italian companies, developing models for their clothes. This experience is very useful to him in the near future, when the designer launched his first collection.

In 1985, he registered his own brand and introduced the male line of clothing in a small boutique native Antwerp. One year later, a new collection of designer brought to London, where he received recognition and critics, and major buyers. His models have started to sell in New York «Barneys», London «Whistles» and «Pauw» in Amsterdam. So, Dries van Noten has become one of the famous "Antwerp Six" designers, significantly influenced the fashion of the time.

Soon the young designers managed to open its first store in Antwerp, which sold men's and women's clothing collection, as well as accessories. The boutique is located in a magnificent building dating back more than a hundred years ago. Then otrylis stores in Paris and Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Today boutiques Dries Van Noten work in many countries, including Japan and Russia.

As for the features of the designer's creativity, it is primarily distinguished by ethnic motives, complex cut and a riot of colors, the designer who mixes incredibly skillful and interesting. He never comes to kitsch, always able to stop in time in a mixture of colors and shades. Van Noten likes to travel, and his experiences he often carries over to their model, each time creating a new and original things.

Dries van Noten prizan was one of the most intelligent designers publication "The New York Times" in 2005, and in 2008 became the best designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

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